Weebly vs. Wix: Who wins?

There has been a debate about which is most reliable website building tool between Wix and Weebly website builders in terms of efficiency and development costs to the customer, without knowledge of coding. Therefore, I want to cover comprehensively about the two web builders highlighting their pros and cons.

Wix is a drag and drop website builder that allows a user to insert content anywhere on the website and it is based on Wysiwyg(what you see is what you get) interface meaning information you key in the website folder is the information that will show when the website is published.One of Wix feature is a wide variety of professional and beautiful up to date templates designed for various industries which make your website look awesome.Wix latest feature is the artificial design intelligence program, allows the user to create and design the entire website automatically, for example, ADI extracts information from specified existing media sources like

Facebook and automatically create the first version of your website.Wix has a free hosting and Website export option for all its websites even if the user is using the basic package. Lastly, the Wix search engine optimization which covers the basic setting and it is google friendly.This allows the user to custom web pages addresses.However, one of its disadvantages is that once the user has created templates it is difficult to switch to another to another template without necessarily re-entering your contents.Additionally, Wix built- a website is not designed to manage e-commerce transactions like automatically sending confirmation emails of your customer one they pay or configuration of shipping cost.Lastly, unless the user upgrades to a premium package, there will be advertised logos on the bottom and top of the page after you publish the website.

Weebly is an intuitive user interface, with a drag and drop user-friendly and a reliable website builder that allows the user to create web pages without knowledge of coding.In layman the user drag pictures, products, videos or slideshows with the mouse without coding.This makes Weebly one of the easiest website builders in the market today.One of the main Weebly features is its predesigned page layout with more than 40 pre-set page layout ranging from home restaurant and contacts this allows the user to automatically arrange contents and create a layout impression even if the user has no idea about designs.

Weebly has a membership creation option for users.It allows the user to create a membership club and have the control of who can see a certain information, This is useful when creating a private membership so as to share private information with the selected members and to regulate the public from accessing private information.

Additionally, Weebly has an application center for users to incorporate more effective tools such as marketing e-commerce commercial and social tools to their website at one click of a button.However, Weebly has a limited template customization option that only allows a user to change font style and color scheme.Any other further customization like changing menu bar color or adjusting content size requires modification of the content to do so.

In conclusion, a good approach to decide which website builder to use, familiarize yourself with their free basic package and tools before deciding to upgrade.